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We have a team of dedicated, highly qualified & well experienced doctors utilizing state-of-the-art technology, backed up by courteous administrative staff to provide complete patient satisfaction.


We do upper GI Endoscopies, Lower GI endoscopies, ERCP’s Ultrasound, Fibroscan, X-rays and many other tests including Hematology and Pathology tests to reach to diagnosis and plan management accordingly. All diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures are done in our hospital. Details are available in procedure.


We assure that along with your best treatment, you shall have a pleasant experience at The GastroLiver.


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Our Procedures

We carry out several procedures to diagnose, treat, and manage conditions.

Endoscopy -Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biopsy

  1.  EVL/ Banding
  2.  Foreign Body Removal 
  3. Esophageal SEMS Placement 
  4. Pyloric SEMS Placement 
  5. Bariatric balloon insertion for weight loss
  6. Achalasia Balloon dilatation
  7. Glue Injection
  8. PEG Tube Insertion
  9. Esophageal Stricture dilatation
  10. EST
  11. Biopsy
  12. RUT for H pylori

Colonoscopy - Diagnostic & Therapeutic

  1. Polypectomy
  2. Piles Banding
  3. Sigmoid Colon SEMS


  1. For CBD Stone
  2. CBD stricture
  3. Pancreatic stone

Esophageal Dilation



Our Doctors

Dr. Sandeep Jindal

MD, DM (Gastroenterologist)

Fellowship in Advanced Endoscopy

Fellowship in EUS


Dr. Anupriya Jindal (Anaesthesia)

MBBS, MD. (Anaesthesia)

Fellow in Pain Management

ICU Specialist 


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