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Gastroenterology is the subspecialty of medicine that focuses on digestive disorders. Gastroenterologists are experts in diagnosing and treating disorders that affect the stomach, esophagus colon, small intestine gallbladder, pancreas and liver.

You should seek out the help of a gastroenterologist when you are experiencing persistent digestive symptoms such as abdominal pain constipation, diarrhea, and bloating or if you have an ancestral history of digestive disorders.

Yes, Jindal Gastro and Liver Hospital facilitates treatment under the coverage of various Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

Absolutely, gastroenterologists offer excellent guidance when it comes to managing your weight and providing nutritional advice tailored specifically to you.

He is  specialize in treating various digestive conditions including acid reflux and IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) along with IBD (inflammation Bowel Disease), liver diseases and gallbladder disorders among many others.

While mild discomfort may be experienced after procedures like endoscopy or colonoscopy, you will receive guidance from your gastroenterologist in managing any post-procedure discomfort.

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