The Right Procedure for Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

One of the most crucial stages of liver disorder is Cirrhosis, which leads to a life-threatening complication. The basic generic causes of liver cirrhosis include heavy consumption of alcohol.  The liver treatment depends on the level of severity of whether it requires a liver transplant. Doctors for liver diseases in Sirsa  provide the best treatment and help you diagnose the test accordingly.

The Right Procedure for Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

4 stages of liver cirrhosis

If we talk about liver cirrhosis, there are four stages, and each of these develops from time to time when the liver cells get replaced with dangerous scar tissues.  However,  the growth of such tissue takes a while, and even years to fully develop.  Hence,  below are the 4 stages of cirrhosis. 

Stage 1. Steatosis

It is a phase that’s defined as the general inflammation of the liver.  The inflammation takes time to develop and meanwhile, the patient frequently experiences pain and discomfort in the abdominal region.  However,  the good thing is, that this inflammation and discomfort are curable with early detection and proper treatment.

Stage 2. Fibrosis

During this period,  people usually get symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Whereas,  as compared to the previous stage,  the damage is a lot more evident, and this involves hindering the flow of blood to the liver.  Other symptoms that can be noticed are scarring over time leading to liver malfunction and slow progression of critical liver disease. Hence,  during this time people are recommended for high treatment to tackle any such problems before it’s too late.

Stage 3.

A crucial stage that is a consequence of the prolonged development of liver disease.  The main cause is the form of proper therapy in which the scar tissues are replaced with good tissues of the liver. However,  in this stage, the liver becomes incredibly hard and lumpy,  which deters basic liver functioning and stops the flow of blood through the organs. In addition, liver cirrhosis creates further problems when it diverts the blood to the spleen and this complicates more with the liver.  Get the help of the best doctors for liver disease in Sirsa who provide all diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, and some to treat the patients in the best possible manner.

Stage 4.

The fatal stage is where liver damage is liver failure which means the end of the road and the only meager way to survive is by liver transplantation.  Thus, with liver failure, the organ loses its ability to self-repair, and the damage is beyond recovery. Some of the basic symptoms like weight loss,  nausea, and diarrhea could mean liver failure. 

One of the most frequently asked questions can liver cirrhosis be cured?

It’s a process where stage by stage liver disease grows when the liver faces internal damage and scarring due to different consequences.  The disease can be treated by possibly up to a second stage with regular monitoring and medications. However,  beyond that stage, some problems pile up, and in such cases, a liver transplant might be the only option left,  which involves serious operations and expensive treatments. The liver hospital in Sirsa comes with highly qualified and well-experienced doctors who utilize state-of-the-art technology and provide complete patient satisfaction.


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